Tantra Art, Etc.

John Brzostoski
© 1986

Black As black second black by black second black the black tantra black enters black the black twenty-first black century black and black dies, black moment black by black moment black it black is black being black reborn.

Black The black tantras black are black writings, black teachings, black and black art. Black It black is black a black way, black a black yoga black physical black and black mental, black and black a black method. Black Today black it black is black mixed black with black the black Hindu black and black Buddhist black religions, black but black it black is black very black old, black going black back black in black time black time black to black ancient black pre-invasion black and black pre-historic black Dravidian black India, black Mother-Goddess black worship. Black The black tantra black today black is black not black a black mutilated black superstitious black religious black fragment, black but black a black force black which black throws black out black energy black and black gathers black it black back. Black Some black call black it black magical, black others black a black way black to black reach black different black realms black of black being black of black cosmic black dimensions. Black for black the black tantrics, black the black size black of black a black changing black man, black is black the black measure. Black Their black premise black is black that black whatever black is black done black in black man black is black done black everywhere. Black By black understanding black the black mundane black level black men black merge black with black the black universal. Black The black purpose black of black the black tantras black is black the black flow black of black an black inexhaustible black immortal black nectar. Black The black so-called black gods black and black titans black battle black each black other black to black gain black this black inexpressible black fluid. Black If black we black could black enter black this black formless black consciousness black we black could black progress black from black bliss black to black bliss. Black However, black in black this black bliss, black continuity black is black absolute black destruction black for black no black trace black of black anything black is left. Red The black total red range black of red consciousness black we red had red before red is red annihilated. Red In red that red “place” red every red law red is red unlike red any red we red can red imagine. Red To red study red it red perhaps red necessitates red an red awakening red from red sleep, red an red uncoiling red to red play red in red a red thousand- red cornered red universe. Red It red is red difficult red due red to red the red completeness red of red the red field red of red reality red within red which red it red operates. Red It red is red dangerous red because red of red the red possibility red of red failure red to red attain red its red purpose. Red In red not red escaping red the red cyclic red existences red of red habitual red stupidities, red the red constant red energy red drains red would red attain red stupendous red proportions. Red The red sleeping red victims red of red self-repetitious red lives, red animal-demon-like, red will red not red make red any red disciplined red attempt red to red escape. Red They red will red remain red sickly, red fearful, red amputated red ghosts red dreaming red their red lives. Red The red brave red only red conquer red the red entangling red fetters red called red the red self, red getting red through red to red a red true red view red of red self-nature. Red The red real red key red to red progress red is red a red living red tradition. Red The red tantras red can red only red be red used red by red a red teacher-friend red to red help red pass red knowledge red from red person red to red person. Red In red his red methods red yantras red and red mantras red are red important. Red These red can red be red called red mental red machines red, although red they red are red more red organic red than red mechanical. Green Yantras are red visual green elements red (diagrams green and red paintings) green utilizing green light green to green invoke green and green manifest green “god”-consciousness. Green Mantras green are green sound green devices green using green the green repetition green of green syllables green to green attain green higher green stages green of green consciousness green through green the green manipulation green of green mind. Green Tra green is green an green element green of green self-evolution green operating green upon green a green state green of green being. Green Here, green that green is green man green (or green manas, green mental green stuff) green. In green using green yantras green and mantras, green the green person green identifies green himself green with green these green god-states green, which green he green manifests green, to green gain green access green to green a green variety green of green powers. Green The green tantras green are green both green of green these green but green more green, for green their green tra green (evolutant) green acts green upon green tan green (spreading) green. This green means green that green the green liberating green forces green themselves green are green acted green upon. Green Utilizing green tan, green (prajna green (wisdom) green itself, green) is (going) beyond green any green fixed green point green of green accomplishment green, and green out of recognition green of any reality green except that green a high green point of success green had just passed green. They green knew green that green to green cling green to green any green corpse green (moment) would be sheer green folly. Green It green would green be green better green, as the Goddess Kali does, to green dance green upon green it green and green bring green it green to green life. Going through green and beyond this green point is not a falling back. It green acts as a seed. This seed is in green yantra and green mantra also. Green The teacher who green knows this is sometimes green called a guide, for he green has already penetrated this green timeless point, the so-called green spiritual green interior green of our lives. This green seed is what he green reveals. When we are black told that it red is everywhere green, it seems that there are many. Black Red Green But green they green are green just green different green approaches green to green the green same green place. Green That green place green, experience gold as green environment gold, might green be gold called green joining gold the gold godhead gold, reaching gold enlightenment. Gold

In the gold tantra system, which gold is a gold systemless gold system, gold light and gold sound as a gold set of gold opposites is one gold path to bring about the gold dissolution of gold illusions. Gold Mental distortions gold manifest gold the gold world of conflicting gold differences and gold divisions causing gold suffering gold. The gold recognition of an underlying gold oneness of the gold universe could be reasonably gold blissful. Gold However, the gold tantra and its gold practitioners gold wish to gold go gold beyond a passive gold observation of this gold unity. They gold operate their gold lives within this gold recognition to gold function at a level of complete gold energy-availability gold, ease and accomplishment. A student would start with a gold mantra given to gold him by a gold teacher. The gold repetition of these gold syllables under gold conditions of gold yoga would bring the gold vision of gold colored black red green images. These are made by his own physiological responses to the gold sounds. Much is gold written on this in gold tantric gold literature, referring to complex gold centers in the gold body. These chakras, or lotuses, black red green gold are homes of “divinities” (successes), black red green gold and platforms black red green gold for further advancement to higher stages of mind. Gold Persons who are accomplished gold in types of gold yoga can “see” gold these chakras. Paintings depicting them black red green gold would be made by those who had visualized black red green gold these as actualities, through mantra and yantra gold, within their own bodies black red green gold. The yantras gold, sometimes shown as linear interlocking triangles within circles and squares, are of various gold proportions and gold colors black red green gold. There is a gold point at the gold center to be gold focused upon, gold allowing the entire “design” to move gold about it gold. As it pulses and grows, the circle becomes the point and then the square. The gold gestalt gold figure closure enlarges gold the perception of the point so as to include the gold body of the viewer. This is the intention of the yogin-artist who had drawn it forth from his own body. By our eyes we participate in his gold yoga and this transmutes the facts of existence by gold giving an open gold vision.

Gold Just blue as gold in blue the gold recitation blue of gold mantras blue where blue colors blue may blue appear blue, in blue the blue strong blue viewing blue of yantras, blue in blue their blue linear blue form blue or those blue with blue subjects, changes also come blue. Here the blue intense blue visual practice produces the blue mental reflex of blue sounds. The blue sounds are the appropriate blue mantra syllables which match the blue “deity” for whom the blue painting was made blue. In both blue there is a blue blending point, the blue pivot of blue sound-light dualities. Where one blue becomes the other blue black red green gold is the destination of the blue practices. The black red green gold blue idea of the two was not lost upon the black red green gold blue tantrics. Since black red green gold blue mystic black red green gold blue insight was the capturing of a time moment black red green gold blue and placing a seed black red green gold blue within it, the sexual act was an appropriate metaphor as well as practical ritual black red green gold blue. Except that in tantra, as in the world of circumstances and karma in general, the seed fructifies the evolving black red green gold blue self, not someone else. The yogin creates himself black red green gold blue, then dissolves that self black red green gold blue, going with it, creating again black red green gold blue. Art functions as meditational constructions to create these substitute ego-universes. There is a sequential order of units involved leading to eventual totality. One by one these works are deceptive as simple eye alchemy. Carelessness will make you black think a three-dimensional diagram red green is a pillow, or that celestial nagas gold are merely snakes. The maps may seem to be of cities and not of psychic centers. Ejaculations of color-consciousness from hidden lingams appear only as banners above a curved horizon.

Compassionate bodhisattvas (as your inner eye) are more serene than multilimbed figures in Tibetan thangkas. The images are
black red green gold blue targets for the eye and are nothing in themselves. However, very soon after-images of lines become blue black spaces and those blue black spaces as solid ambiguities give off sounds blue black, as if striking taut skins within our opened blue black skulls. This happens through the drifting eye which moves first straight, edges inward, then back again. Adjusting the body muscles, the viewer begins to cause shifts in his breath pattern, allowing a perfect participation in breath yoga. Eyes follow the outward flow discovering contradictory edges and boundaries breaking. Blue The entire open field becomes an edge, allowing the figures to blossom out and fold in on the observer. Blue With this sensory input begin daydreams. Blue Luckily the image is there to hold onto. Blue One feels the presence of generations of helpful teachers black red green gold blue who do not simplify but compress existence black red green gold blue into a line, a color, or a dot. Blue The viewer’s experiences become that central point. Blue

White Lila blue (play) and white mahasukha blue (great bliss) white are the white tantra. The white tantras are white play before it dies white and becomes a white game. The white play-experience of the white eye-traced diagrams is the white track that allows the subject-object situation to break down. The white “verb-noun” is clarified empty and there is a white vanishing of “I-that” empty. In the white confrontation of empty tantric art white viewer and empty art must blend, allowing the empty art to look at the empty observer and to empty the room.


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