Autumn Poems from the Kokinwakashu
The Art of Hon'ami Koetsu

"Where is the moon?"
asks Hon'ami in his calligraphy,
the flying script
over gold, over art.
"Where is the moon"
is answered in all.
The delight, the swordstrokes
of ink, of Dragon breath,
the moon, reflecting
the life
the spirit of the sun,
gold and silver, male and female.
What delight in their joining
on the page of our eyes
on the scroll of our perceptions.
The dance of brush liberates
and celebrates all.
Hon'ami! You join us all
in your artless artfulness.

--John Brzostoski

At the top of the page: Autumn poems from the Kokinwakashu. Hand scroll, ink on silk with gold and silver. 32.7 X 543.4 cm. Cleveland Museum of Art. Leonard C. Hanna, Jr. Fund.

Below: Noh libretto. Aizomegawa (Indigo River). Dated 1606: Keicho II, fifth month, 27th day. Bound volume, ink on paper with gold, silver and mica. 25 X 18cm each. Yamato Bunkakan, Nara.

Noh Libretto: Geese Rising

Taste and see the art of Hon'ami Koetsu

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