Songs the Unicorn Sings

Before all time
I was Odin's eye;

As Osiris I was
swept up by my
sister's sigh;

I was Trickster
dressed as snake,
wound around the tree;

I neither wept nor
spoke when Pilate
murdered me;

I was the song
Ulysses heard,
bound above his prow;

The maidenhood
of space itself I
burst upon my brow.

Now my magic
hunt runs down
the everturning years;

As I stamp
I wash away the universe,
with tears;

My horn is white
as ivory, my gaze
is black as night;

Beneath my hooves
I break love and hate
and wrong and right;

I am deathless,
though the spear is
driven into me;

I am wind and rain
and sun and everything
that is free.

—MacKenzie Pierson, 2000

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